Uncle Brady's Chicken Cacciatore / Vegetable Cacciatore served with Orecchiette Pasta


Who's Uncle Brady?

Well, Brady is a very good friend of mine who loves to cook. Just like me. Whenever we get together--unfortunately not too often as he lives in Berlin--we cook or talk/play music. Mmm, and actually, not just cook, but talk food and cook, eat and talk food. And so of course, it’s the same when it comes to music. We talk music non-stop while we listen and play. So yeah, we’re all about these two things.

If you put me and Brady together, we would cook something special until midnight, we’d eat that happily, talk about how we cooked our meal--how we could make it better--and when we’re done we would play music while dreaming up ideas on both music and cooking until the first light of day.
As you may guess then, we love to exchange both music and recipes. So, this week’s Chicken Cacciatore recipe is a product of another of our fun Skype conversations. Ideas shared, music exchanged, quick catch up on what’s happening in our lives . . . and I then tell him that I need a good chicken recipe. And he says right away, “Chicken Cacciatore!”
I promise Brady, I won’t forget the vinegar touch!
So, why the “Uncle”? Well, he just is that uncle. That uncle that you love to be around . . . to hear his amazing stories in the best way you could. An uncle who always has a smile on his face; he’s never negative, moody, or hopeless. Chez Brady, everything is possible, anything is fixable. He just is one of them!

One more thing; the idea for YesI’m Cooking first originated from him. So, thank you Uncle Brady! We love you and miss you here so much!

This week's menu:

Uncle Brady's Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken braised in tomato sauce with wild mushrooms, white wine and fresh herbs served with Orecchiette Pasta

Vegetable Cacciatore
Zucchinis and bell peppers cooked in tomato sauce with wild mushrooms, white wine and fresh herbs served with Orecchiette Pasta

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Thursday to East Bay

Price: $15
Payment: Cash on delivery