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Turkish treats for Supersonic - Istanbul!

  • Dolmas (Stuffed grape leaves with grass fed beef and rice)
  • Borek (Filo dough pastry with feta cheese and parsley)
  • Eggplant with organic tomatoes and red peppers
  • Organic zucchini salad with dill and organic yogurt
  • Baklava with pistachios

Liaison Artists Holiday Party 

  •  Organic herbed fried almonds
  •  Marinated Italian olives
  •  Manchego and swiss cheese with grapes
  •  Imported Saint Agur cheese served with honey comb
  •  Imported prosciutto with orange salad crostinis
  •  Grass fed beef meatballs served with roasted pepper aioli
  •  Filo dough pastry with organic creamy spinach
  •  Carrot cake

Tapas for Supersonic - Barcelona!

  • Marinated spanish olives and organic herbed fried almonds
  • Organic European cucumber salad with feta cheese and fresh herbs
  • Organic portobello and goat cheese crostinis
  • Imported Spanish Serrano ham and orange salad crostinis
  • Grass fed beef Empanadas
  • Organic Potato and Spinach tortilla